All Mad Made Metals jewels are created with sturdiness and durability in mind, however it is important that you take care of your pieces in order for them to last a long time. To keep your new jewelry looking its best avoid wearing it while sleeping, bathing, swimming or participating in other strenuous activities. You should also avoid contact with perfumes, lotions and other chemicals as they may cause discoloration. It is natural for metals to darken or develop a patina as they are exposed to oxygen and moisture.  Be sure to dry completely and store in a clean, dry space in an airtight bag to keep it.  


To remove tarnish and oxidation, use a polishing cloth. I recommend Sunshine brand polishing cloths (available on amazon). You may also wash with a mild soap and scrub lightly to remove some of the  oxidization.  Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaners, especially if there are stones in the piece.  Chemicals can ruin the polish on a stone.